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Meet Tom Demeter

Hi! I’m Tom Demeter, Executive Director of Tropic Arrow Travel.


My passion for travel started with my very first cruise when I was a teenager. Growing up in the chilly state of Wisconsin, those beautiful tropical destinations I saw from that Royal Caribbean cruise ship made memories I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life and inspired my love of travel. Ever since I made it my goal to enjoy unique vacations at every opportunity possible, helping me build a knowledge base that I am glad to share.


I’ve been on and planned more than 40 vacations domestically and in the Caribbean islands. I’ve gone on more than 10 cruises, visited more than a dozen Caribbean islands, been to Las Vegas more than 15 times and traveled to Hawaii 5 times.


In addition to my knowledge in the travel world, I have extensive experience in group sales and hospitality with the Milwaukee Bucks and Arizona Diamondbacks. My experience with both teams has provided me with the unique skill of helping people plan unforgettable group events.

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