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We’re here to help, every step of the way! Here's our process:

Step 1:

Describe your perfect vacation

We start with a free 15 minute consultation where you share everything you’re looking for in your ideal vacation. Every bit of information you can share should be beneficial, so we encourage you to describe all the details you have on your mind.

Step 2:

We do the research, so you don’t have to!

We use this time to plan out a vacation that accommodates all the things requested during your consultation and even provide some amazing experiences you might not have thought about!

Step 3:

Proposal & Confirmation

We’ll present you with the itinerary options that we feel will provide you with the best experience possible. Once you’ve chosen the one that creates your perfect vacation, we’ll take care of everything required to finalize the reservation

Step 4:


Now that your trip is booked we’ll prepare you for every aspect of it so you can be worry free from beginning to end! Have a question? Never be afraid to ask.

Step 5:


Enjoy every moment of your amazing vacation that was created just for you!

Step 6:

Tell us how
we did

It’s always our goal to provide the best possible experience for our clients, so we encourage you to write a review and share any feedback.

Your Investment

Tropic Arrow Travel is a full-service travel agency. We specialize in creating a personal vacation experience that you will never forget. Our itinerary research and planning service covers the research and production of your trip as well as any support needed before, during and after your trip. Fees are not due until after the initial consultation.

Personalized Vacations

For personalized vacations, Tropic Arrow Travel charges a non-refundable planning fee that starts at $247 per trip. This fee is due after the initial consultation but before any research is done. The fee covers all necessary research, the booking of your trip and any management required, and any support needed.

individual hotel_edited.jpg
Individual Hotels and Resorts

For any hotel or resort only reservations where the client has already chosen date and destination, the fee will be $100. Unique amenities are often available when booking through us.

group vacation_edited.png
Group Vacations

Group vacations are amazing opportunities that often provide unique discounts and experiences. Please contact Tropic Arrow Travel for additional details on group pricing. A group would be considered eight or more people.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an important part of any vacation and we would be happy to assist in this area. No fee is charged for a travel insurance policy.

travel insurance_edited.jpg
Individual Cruises

For any cruise only bookings where the client has already chosen their cruise, destination and route the fee will be $100. Clients are often provided unique benefits when booking through us.

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